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Do you love money-saving apps? Well, I love to save money. Sometimes, I would like to think that even if I won the lottery, I would still try and find deals and discounts. It is just the way I was raised.

Growing up, we didn’t always have money to blow so I have always made my own money. It gave me a different perspective on spending it as well. I would search for discounts and sales because I understood what it took to make the money I was spending.

Even now as an adult, I am always hunting out deals. I’m going to share some of the apps I have found to help you save money.

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1. Ibotta

Ibotta is probably one of my favorite apps. It lets you save money on things you buy in the store or online. I usually save the most money at the grocery store, but I did order a television online through the app and saved 3% with Walmart.

It doesn’t seem like much but when you are going to purchase things anyway…you might as well save some money on it. This is the way I look at it.

2. Rakuten

Formally known as Ebates, Rakuten helps you get cash back rewards at your favorite stores. You can earn up to 40% cash back on your shopping.

When you sign up you can get a $10 reward bonus. Once you are signed up, you earn a $25 reward for each person you refer to Rakuten.

There is also a chrome extension that will notify you when there is cash back available while you shop.

3. Coin Out

Like Rakuten, CoinOut lets you earn cash back. You upload receipts within 2 weeks of shopping and the app will find the deals for you.

If there is no deal on your receipt, you don’t have to do a thing. So basically its as simple as just opening the app and taking pictures of your receipts. Easy right?

4. Cushion

Cushion is a fee negotiation site that helps you get money back on bank fees and credit card fees. They do the negotiation for you, they just keep 25% in order to make their money but getting back 75% is better than nothing without you having to do a thing.

I feel like its a fair trade for money that otherwise would have been lost.

5. Groupon

Groupon is a virtual coupon book that allows you to use deals that merchants offer specific to Groupon. It doesn’t cost anything for you to take advantage of their deals.

It has everything from local to bigger chain deals. I recently used it to save on a trip to our local trampoline park as well as a discount to a hotel. Once, I even used it to get a discounted massage at my favorite salon.

Check out the Groupon deals of the day here!

6. Gas Buddy

Enter your location and Gas Buddy will tell you where the cheapest gas is located.

7. Paribus

Paribus links to your email account and automatically gets your money back when the price of the things you recently purchase drop. It does this by using the email confirmations you receive to keep up with what you buy.

8. Dosh

Dosh is a smartphone money-saving app that gives you cash back every time you make a purchase at participating stores using your credit card.

All you have to do is link your card and its automatic. It’s totally secure and once you get to $25 it automatically transfers the money to your account. (if you link a debit card just be sure to use it as a “credit” and not a “debit”)

9. Honey

Honey is a Chrome browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes to your online purchases to help you save money. All you have to do is click on the honey button during checkout and it will search for you. It’s that easy!

10. Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not Is an app that gives you coupons to use when you are shopping. My favorite store to use this one is at Hobby Lobby. I go to this app to get my 40% off one regular priced item right from my phone at checkout. It saves me so much time and soooo much money!

11.  Shop Kick

Shopkick Is a rewards app where you earn “kicks” or points that can be used to earn gift cards. I get 25 kicks every time I walk into Walmart and have earned several gift cards towards my favorite stores. Since I am always in Target and Walmart…a free gift card can’t hurt!

12. Drop

This one is geared towards Millenials and Gen-Z’s. Drop lets you earn points to be redeemed for gift cards on the money you are already spending. You sign-up, pick offers (like 14 points for every dollar spent) on your favorite brand, and start adding them up.

13. Mint

Mint Is a free budgeting tool to help you keep track of your money. This money saving app isn’t the same as the others I have shown you so far, but I feel like when your in charge of your money, you are able to save more because you are in control.

If you need help starting an easy budget, see The Easiest Budget for Beginners to help you understand what it takes to get you started today.

14. Viggle

Viggleis an app that helps you save money while watching tv. All you do is start the app while you stream tv and you earn points, can play interactive games and redeem for rewards and prizes.

15. Digit

Digit Is a savings app that analyzes your spending habits and helps you automatically put money into savings that can be used to pay off debt or save for a specific goal like a vacation.

16. Chime

Chime Is a totally free bank that allows you to bank for less. It is mobile-only but can save you a ton by not tacking on all the fees your regular bank has. It is advertised for Millenials. They even advertise earlier access to your money when you use direct deposit.

17. EveryDollar

Every dollar is Dave Ramsey’s budgeting app. It is one of my favorites because it helped me tremendously when I was starting out at getting my budget under control. I learned so much from Dave Ramsey and I am a believer in what he teaches.

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