A Simple Grocery Budget You Can Stick With


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Are you searching for the perfect Grocery Budget?

Is there really a one-size-fits-all for your family?

I have found a grocery budget that I can stick to that helps save my family an average of $2400 a year. Check it out below.

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We grocery shop to be able to eat. It’s one of the most important things we can do for our families. Food is essential for survival so we have to do it. Especially if you don’t have a farm that produces food for your family.

Don’t go without a plan!

It is not a smart thing to go into the grocery store without a plan. When you do this, people tend to overspend.

The other day I was talking with my friend at work about how much she spends at the store on groceries each month and I was shocked.

She has the same size family as me…so why does she spend so much? What do they do so differently than I do?

It was at that moment that I realized…I’m a budget grocery shopper and she is not.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to keep your grocery budget under $100 a week? While this number may seem dreamy, it is important to remember that no two families are the same so their grocery budgets shouldn’t be the same either.

Let’s say for example that you currently spent $800 per month on groceries. Your goal is to shave $100 off of your current budget. It is possible and I have some tips to share that can help you do this.

Know What You Can Spend

Only use your list in the store. This is a very important tip. You need to do this so you resist the temptation to pick up things you don’t need!

I’m one of those crazy list makers that organize my list and marks things off as I go in the store. But my list keeps me from getting things I don’t need because I feel like I am on a mission.

Another tip that can help you know what you are spending is to use cash. It will make you add up what you have as you go and really think about the amount of money you are spending.

Meal Plan

Sit down and decide what you are going to make for the week. You can use my free Meal Planner PDF download to help.

I simply write down what I plan to cook each day of the week. As simple as it seems, it will help you make a plan and stick with it.

Make your grocery list from the meal plan, you can use my free Grocery List PDF download.

Make sure you check the pantry to see if you already have ingredients and use those ingredients instead of buying more.

Plan your meals around sales. Check the sales ad from different grocery stores around and decide what you are going to cook around the meats that are on sale.

This is one of the easiest ways to shave money off your budget.

Buy meats on sale and freeze them to use for later. This can also help you save money. The other day, Kroger had really good $10 bacon on sale with their digital coupon for $4.99 a pack. So I bought 5 and I will freeze the ones I’m not using right now.

Need some meal planning help…

I love the $5 Meal Plan check it out here!

If you really want to save some money one week, do a pantry cleanout where you look at everything you already have and plan your meals around it! 

We are currently in need of a pantry cleanout…I hate when the pantry and fridge are full but the kids say “there is nothing to eat in here” 😉

Use Apps and Coupons

My favorite grocery app is called Ibotta. All you have to do is claim the offer and scan your receipt when you are finished.

When I started using it, I accumulated $26 in money back within the first three weeks!!! That’s free money and I’ll take it!

Ibotta Grocery App photo

You can get it transferred to your PayPal or put on a gift card when you reach $20.

If you are a Publix fan there is a website that shows you weekly deals called I Heart Publix. This is a great site to check out when you are meal planning or making your list.

Kroger has digital coupons that can be added to your Kroger card before you shop. It automatically applies them at checkout if you scan your card or when you use Kroger Pick-up on-line. (Kroger Pick-up is Kroger’s grocery pickup. It’s great but they charge a $4.95 service fee)

Walmart has started a pickup that is free!! This helps me tremendously with not buying unnecessary things because there is zero temptation. I just whip out the laptop and only get what’s on the list.

Don’t go to the Store as Often

Make your plan and stick to it. If you plan a week in advance…get everything you need for that week and then stay out of the store. If you make small frequent trips you are more likely to spend money on things that aren’t needed. (impulse buys happen this way)

Go to Discount Grocery Stores

Use stores like Aldi.

Use Walmart and Kroger pickup, or other stores that have this available. Find Walmart Grocery Pickup Here and Kroger Pickup Here

In my experience, when I do an online order, I stand in my pantry with my laptop and only buy what I need. I spend much less because I am not tempted with impulse buys that I would normally fall for in the store.

I spend so much less by doing this that I have actually thought “did I get everything” because it felt like it wasn’t expensive enough.

Be Smart About What You Buy

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Buy generic brands. Here is an article by Dave Ramsey showing exactly how much you can spend when you choose generic.

Don’t buy bottled water. Invest in a Filter and take water from home. We have well water so my family just refills their reusable water bottles at home.

Raincheck the sale items if they are out of it to guarantee you get the sale on that item when you come back on your next trip.

Buy Bulk and Marked down items. Also instead of getting smaller vegetable pieces…buy the larger vegetables and cut them at home.

Avoid junk food like it is flesh-eating bacteria and if you touch it your fingers will fall off (lol…that’s funny)

Below is my favorite affordable course for making over your grocery budget. This one helped me save $200 a month on my grocery bill. Its is jam-packed with so much useful information, I know you will love it!

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Click here for the Full Course

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