About Me

Hustle : to have the courage, confidence, self belief, self determination to go out & work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life.

I want this for you and your finances…Insert: The Budget Hustle

Do you struggle with your finances?

Does thinking about your money stress you out so much that you push it to the side?

Dealing with budgets and money can be very overwhelming, which can leave you feeling frustrated.

Well, I hear you. I’ve been there! I’m talking to myself here…

I created this site to share my struggles and the solutions I have found to help me make better decisions about my money. 

This frugal mom loves to save money too. I make it my personal mission to find all the deals and save where I can.

I also like to make money, and I promise to share all my money making tips with you also!

I’m just a regular working mom…

My name is Shannon and I am a Dental Hygienist. I just finished up my BS in Health Science so this has made me a student as well as a full-time working wife and mother.

Let me tell you…it was hard! I know all too well what it means to live a REAL BUSY LIFE! When I’m not running myself to death, we love to camp as a family and do lots of activities outdoors.

In my spare time, (when I have any- all the busy moms out there say “amen”) I like to use my sewing machine, embroidery machine, and my Cricut to make crafts. (Check out my Etsy page) I am a serious DIYer…I will try just about anything…(ask my husband- he loves that…ok that’s sarcasm). As a team, my husband and I have renovated our house we purchased 10 years ago (a foreclosure that we stole off the market). We love the satisfaction of doing it ourselves and saving money!

This blog is where I intend to share it all. I hope that I can inform, inspire, and entertain you with my frugal antics!

Thank you for checking out my blog. I am on Pinterest and you can follow me HEREThank you so much and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to email me thebudgethustle(at)gmail.com

I also have a blog all about coffee that you can check out here.

*PS- I’m a side hustle master! I’ve got one that I recently started…you can see it here.