Set Easy Money Goals for 2020

money goals for 2020 pinterest graphic

Thinking about money goals…I came across this saying and I am paraphrasing here but it says, “You can’t go back and re-write the beginning of your story but you can start now and change the end.” This is something that we all get stuck in. We get deep in debt or can’t quite get our …

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Easy Budgeting Tips For The Holidays

Perfect Holiday Budget pinterest graphic

The holidays are around the corner and although it is my favorite time of year…I dread it at the same time. But not for the reason some do, I dread having to think about spending money. You need a clear idea of how Budgeting for the Holidays can save you money! My kids start telling …

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12 Easy Budget Friendly Dinner Ideas

budget dinner ideas pinterest graphic

Do you struggle coming up with dinner ideas that you can squeeze into that tight budget? Are you searching for some recipes to help with your busy week while also saving you money? In this post, I have included some of my favorite budget dinner ideas to help you out. It is possible to cook …

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A Simple Grocery Budget You Can Stick With

grocery cart in store

Are you searching for the perfect Grocery Budget? Is there really a one-size-fits-all for your family? I have found a grocery budget that I can stick to that helps save my family an average of $2400 a year. Check it out below. We grocery shop to be able to eat. It’s one of the most …

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Simple 50/30/20 Budget Method Explained

roll of american dollars tightened by rubberband

What is it? How can I use it effectively? These are legit questions. I asked the same thing when I first saw the 50/30/20 Budget. I know you hate to budget, I do too. (Don’t we all) Its something I hate to think about but it is so necessary. So why not make it simple …

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Blow Your Mind with this Budget for Beginners

woman in white shirt showing frustration

Do you struggle with your finances? Does figuring out where your money goes each month leave you confused and scratching your head? You are not alone and believe me…you need an easy budget for beginners. Budget means the amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose. To plan …

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