The Easiest Money Mindset Makeover


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Having a money mindset makeover is being able to change your attitude towards your finances. Sometimes, our view of money is wrong and it needs adjusting.

When you change how you think about money, you tend to make better choices. It also helps you reach your goals faster.

Having a positive mindset towards money is the best!

I have several goals for my money but my biggest financial goal is to pay my mortgage off early.

It seems impossible when you look at the numbers but it can be done no matter what your budget…I just had to change my mindset and so can you.

I have added 7 things that have helped me makeover my mindset and they can help you make a positive change too.

1. Make an Assessment

This is your money mindset starting point. In order to change, you have to start somewhere. You can make it work with what you already have. You just need to assess the current situation.

Sit down and make goals. Ditch the Broke Mentality!

Its all about how you view your own situation. Sometimes when you sit down and lay it all out, it allows you the opportunity to see things in a different way.

A lot of people have no idea what they spend money on each month…You can get a wider view and start thinking about solutions.

You have to look for positive opportunities instead of constant barriers and realize that anything is achievable.

2. Create a Budget

Make it a point to create a budget. This can give you a clear idea of the money you have and where it is going.

It is the perfect money assessment.

If you need some help with this, see my post below:

The Easiest Budget for Beginners

Creating a simple budget that you can stick with is a great first step in getting things in order so that you can start thinking positively.

My first budget was a mess, but since then I have gotten so much better at it and I can see what I need to do each month with my money.

3. Be Grateful

Let’s face it if we all had the same things life would be pretty boring. Thats why every person’s financial situation is different.

I don’t make a ton of money but I make enough to be able to have things that I want. I am grateful for the opportunity to be frugal and find things cheap.

I wrote a post about Frugal vs Cheap: How to Tell the Difference

I don’t ever feel like I am not living to the fullest because I drive a Honda Accord instead of a Mercedes. I am thankful for the very nice, almost paid for, car that I have. This is gratefulness.

If we change our mindset so that we are grateful for the things we already have, you can be happy with the money you have to work with.

It’s amazing how freeing it is when you accept what you have and can be thankful God has allowed you to have it.


4. Keep Learning about Money

Nobody is born knowing everything there is to know about managing money, some people are never taught this (depending on the environment they are raised in).

So we must learn!

I am very thankful for the first job that I had at 16 because it allowed me the opportunity to learn about money while I still lived in the safety of my parent’s house.

I figured out how to manage it and what its value is.

But don’t get me wrong, it is never too late to learn these lessons, even if you didn’t have this chance as I did.

The more knowledge you have, the better off you will be about your perception of money.

You can read financial blogs (like this one of course) and YouTube videos or read some books about it.

I love Dave Ramsey, he has videos and books too!

5. Share

Sharing your money will help you appreciate what you have and change your mindset.

Believe it or not, I always feel better about my situation when I know I have helped someone else out by giving to charity or donating to a good cause.

It will give you a positive boost that you can use to channel your energy into good things.

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6. Decide What You Have is Enough

You know the phrase “keeping up with the Jones?” Well, “the Jones” will keep you broke.

Decide that what you have is enough for you and your family.

Then all you have to do is live happily within those means. As a family, we decided we would rather go to the beach more than once a year so to do this, we take 2 or 3 cheaper trips rather than one expensive one.

We find deals on condos and we eat in most nights. But to us, its time well spent. We don’t need an expensive beach house to have a great time…the beach is the same!

This is what I mean by deciding what you have is enough. We are very happy with what we have and we spend more time as a family.

It doesn’t matter what others think or do…all that matters is how you feel about what you do.

7. Know Who You Are & Your Worth

Break the shackles of feeling doubt and fear. You ARE worth it and you CAN do it. Don’t let money have a hold on you!

All it takes is some effort and discipline and before you know it, you will have all your money mastered.

I promise…if I can do it, so can you so just keep moving forward.

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